Military areas and City Planning: North-West Italy (1815-1918)

Edition 10/2018 of Review, Third Series

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From Ugo Soragni‘s Editorial: “The issue 10/2018 of «Storia dell’Urbanistica», edited by Chiara Devoti, is dedicated to the events of the realisation, over the one hundred years that separate the end of the Napoleonic era from the entrance of the Kingdom of Italy in the Great War (1815-1915), of an impressive number of fortifications and defensive systems, settlements, buildings, monuments and military infrastructure in the ‘Piedmontese’ State and the understanding of the relationships between these initiatives and the contemporary processes of planning and transformation of the territorial areas and of urban agglomerations. The discussion of these issues, which affect the Savoy State as consolidated following the union of 1847 between the Kingdom of Sardinia and the landholdings of the Savoy (Piedmont, the Duchy of Savoy, Nice, the former imperial feuds of the Ligurian Apennines and the former Republic of Genoa), makes use of some essays entrusted with the task of retracing – often using documents never before emerged from the archives – the formation, evolution and decommissioning, between the 16th and 18th centuries, of the defensive systems of Ancien Régime. […]”