Enrico Guidoni Prize – Third edition (2019)

Call for applications from young scholars

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The Enrico Guidoni Prize

Call for applications – Third edition (2019)
The Storia della Città Association announces the third edition of the Enrico Guidoni Prize.

The Award aims to disseminate and further study the methodologies and themes proposed by Enrico Guidoni, stimulate innovation and interdisciplinary and international scientific relations, and promote original research in:

– the History of Architecture
– the History of Urbanism
– The History of the City
– Urban and Territorial Archaeology
– Landscape History.

The competition is open to young scholars holding a Master’s degree or equivalent.

The prize consists of publication in a monograph in the LapisLocus series edited by Steinhäuser Verlag in Wuppertal. Two winners will be chosen.

Deadline for entries: 15 October 2019.

The President of the Association: Marco Cadinu

Procedural Head: Paola Raggi